Tailor-made individual solutions instead of mass production

Our spice mixtures are unique blends; their recipes are compiled in-house in our own development department according to the particular wishes of our customers. This puts us in a position to produce on the dot solutions quickly and to supply them in any quantity desired. We know what processing technologies treat the product most gently in order to ensure that the unique taste qualities of your finished products are not lost.


Pectin is a natural gel forming substance found in fruits and many kinds of vegetables. Main raw material for pectin is dry apple and citrus extracts from which it is obtained by adding dilute acid, then settles out, is cleaned with alchohol, dried, split and standardized.

Pectin is used in production of:

  • fruit jelly;
  • ice cream fillings;
  • yoghurts, sweet cheese bars;
  • bakery products;
  • marshmallow, marmalade.

According to the level of etherification pectin can be divided into:

  • high -ester pectin (HE) with SE more than 50%;
  • low- ester pectin (LE) with SE less than 50%.

We offer a wide range of low- and high- ester pectins extracted from apples and citrus fruits.

Starter cultures for diary industry

Starter cultures are an essential component of all fermented dairy foods including cheese, yoghurt, sour cream and lactic butter. The primary function of these bacteria is the conversion of lactose and other sugars in milk to lactic acid. This acidification contributes to a preservative effect with the result that many pathogenic and spoilage bacteria are inhibited. The associated drop in pH also results in the loss of water from the curd as whey. In addition, starters are responsible for the production of a variety of secondary metabolites, including a number of compounds which are necessary for flavour development.

Transglutaminase Enzyme of various activity

Transglutaminase Enzyme is used as a food additive in order to improve the properties of final products with multiple applications in the Meat, Fish, Dairy and Bakery sectors.

The use of Transglutaminase in meat and fish preparations helps to improve firmness, elasticity, viscosity, thermo-stability and liquid retention capacities. Specific Transglutaminase formulations also allows to transform worthless cuts of meat ot  fish without commercial value into standardized portions with a high added value. This enzyme may be used in all types of meat and fish.

In  diary products, Transglutaminase works by increasing the cheese yield and improving the texture in full-fat and skimmed yoghurt, so reducing costs.

Transglutaminase is also indicated for bakery products such as bread, pastries, puff pastries and gluten free products as it improves the dough elasticity, volume and texture.

Flavourings for beverages, meat and fish products

We can help you create new beverages and improve existing ones so they stand out. Our beverage flavours are available in liquid format as essences, extracts, emulsions and compound flavours, and as powder or spray dried.

There is a wide range of flavours used in the manufacture of savoury food products. Our range has been specially developed and all flavours are suitable for finished products such as ready meals, meat and fish specialties, pies, soups and snacks.

Functional blends for meat products and snack seasonings

We specialize in the whole range of complete blends and individual ingredients required for the manufacture of processed meat products. Whether it’s for cooked, smoked, cured, non-cured, fresh or frozen meats, smoked sausages or salami our technologists can create the right blend for your individual needs. We also continue to add to our extensive and exciting range of flavour and coating systems for chips and crisps, extruded snacks and nut products

Technological support

Our R&D department brings together food technologists, flavourists, chefs with extensive experience in the industry.
These professionals are dedicated to meeting all your projects’ requirements including: development of new products and concepts, enhancement of sensorial attractiveness, cost reduction, improvement of texture, emulsification and juiciness. They will guide you with the strongest possible assistance through the process of new product introduction including advice on a dosage, temperature, input method, etc.  It is possible to call our technologist to on-site-visit.