Tailor-made individual solutions instead of mass production

Our spice mixtures are unique blends; their recipes are compiled in-house in our own development department according to the particular wishes of our customers. This puts us in a position to produce on the dot solutions quickly and to supply them in any quantity desired. We know what processing technologies treat the product most gently in order to ensure that the unique taste qualities of your finished products are not lost.

Technological support

Our R&D department brings together food technologists, flavourists, chefs with extensive experience in the industry.
These professionals are dedicated to meeting all your projects’ requirements including: development of new products and concepts, enhancement of sensorial attractiveness, cost reduction, improvement of texture, emulsification and juiciness. They will guide you with the strongest possible assistance through the process of new product introduction including advice on a dosage, temperature, input method, etc.  It is possible to call our technologist to on-site-visit.