Pectin is a natural gel forming substance found in fruits and many kinds of vegetables. Main raw material for pectin is dry apple and citrus extracts from which it is obtained by adding dilute acid, then settles out, is cleaned with alchohol, dried, split and standardized.

Pectin is used in production of:

  • fruit jelly;
  • ice cream fillings;
  • yoghurts, sweet cheese bars;
  • bakery products;
  • marshmallow, marmalade.

According to the level of etherification pectin can be divided into:

  • high -ester pectin (HE) with SE more than 50%;
  • low- ester pectin (LE) with SE less than 50%.

We offer a wide range of low- and high- ester pectins extracted from apples and citrus fruits.

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